This humorous feminist work is painted on woven strips of canvas.
The triangles suggest breasts and pubic hair. The title puns the word fanny.

Fan Club
Oil on canvas

ZAR 4000
I painted a series of pictures of handcrafted objects. These paintings were as laborious to make as the objects themselves. I wanted my works to echo the labour of the Zulu women who wove the baskets. One result of the feminist movement is that the artistic worth of so-called "women's work" is being re-evaluated.
Zulu Basket  1
water colour on paper
ZAR 2000
Zulu Basket  2
water colour on paper
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Rose Beam
oil on canvas
ZAR 2500
In this abstract work, which belongs with my pattern pieces, I play with male and female elements. Roses, signifying the feminine, shine like a lightbeam.
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