Barbara Hopley, Artist
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Girls' Own FS
Spiral Dogs FS
Autumn Garden FS
Magic Carpet FS
Zulu Basket  1 FS
Zulu Basket 2
Rose Beam FS
Al Andalusia FS
Holiday 1 FS
Fouriesburg Landscape FS
Winter Landscape
Sleeping Beauty
Linda's Flowers
Fruit Bowl
Natal Landscape
Paisley Dream
Jungle Dream FS
Cosmic Love FS
Golden Gate wc
Survival Theory
Dog Eat Dog
Botanical Gardens, Grahamstown
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Barbara says:
I want to create paintings that are life-affirming, pleasurable and comforting. The sensuous appeal of colour inspires me.

I like to work with a variety of themes and media (oil, acrylics, watercolour, gouache, silkscreen, mosaic).  My subjects are landscape, still life, pattern and combinations of all three.

Decisions about subject and media are determined by season, place and circumstance. I used to feel that I ought to consciously focus on a particular theme, but I have come to realise that all my work connects in one way or another anyway - either by colour or by the decorative elements.

Pattern Paintings

When I make these works, I am reminded of sewing and embroidery. My interest in pattern stems from a love for Indian miniatures, Islamic Art, and the crafts, music and textiles of Africa. Working with pattern and colour is sheer indulgence - I intend my pattern paintings to provide the kind of sensuous pleasure one gets from handling a piece of lovely fabric.

I like the fact that patterns are "open" and abstract - meaning is suspended. Some of the pattern pieces are purely decorative. Others have meaning embedded, for example It's My Party (title after the song).

At the time I was organising birthday parties for my kids, and there was a lot of  "What I want at my party." The painting affirms that I can do what I want to as an artist: I do not have to be very serious and agonise over content in my work.

Still Life

These are often good sellers, a "bread and butter line". I once set myself the task of recording anything that grew in our garden, and completed sets of very naturalistic watercolour studies of fruit and vegetables in rows.

Water colour studies frequently "feed" other paintings. I completed a laborious study of a basket I bought in Windhoek, Namibia, and later on I started using spirals in my pattern paintings. Some of the spirals stem from basket weaving, others are more like roses or the tendrils of a vine. Sometimes the studies inspire more constructed, flat, geometric works.


Our family goes on camping and hiking trips during the holidays.  I like to work "direct" - en plein air - and will sometimes complete a watercolour sketch on site. Once at home, I may use the sketch together with our holiday photographs to make a more developed painting.

Mosaic for Biology Department
Dogs and Arrows
Flood FS
Golden Gate FS
Hippo Dreams FS
Inauguration FS
Meirings Kloof
Sea of Love FS
Self-portrait after Maria (detail)
Spring Garden
Star Gazer FS
Still Life with Marigolds FS
Wattled Crane FS
White Pot of Flowers (wc)
Barbara enjoys working with a specific brief from a client, and has completed numerous commissions in a variety of media.
She is a gifted teacher, and offers regular workshops:
Kariba Ranch Art Centre, Vaal Triangle.
Barbara Hopley
designer, artist,
classes & workshops

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Fowl 1 serigraph FS
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Fouriesburg FS
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Still Life with Yellow Vase
Still Life for Estee
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Linda's garden FS
Red Still Life
Still Life with Red Vase FS
Interior ZAR 6300
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Morungola ZAR 4200
Red Still Life II
Red Still Life FS
Photo from October 2008 exhibition at Gallery 88, Sasolburg - Red Still Life II flanked by Harlequin Gothic Arch mirrors ZAR 720 each
Detail of a postumous portrait
of Joseph Mbuku Nhlanhla